onsdag 24 november 2010

Aahh, like always I don't find the time to write here as often as I would like. This time I have to mention work and related matters. I've bought A LOT of records lately and I can't write about all of them even though I wish to since they're of course very good, ha! To make this blog a little bit more updated I will try to add shorter texts and not read through and correct spelling as much as I did before.

I went through my whole record collection this recent week to find stuff to sell that I don't care about anymore. I found LOTS of records with bands that haven't been played for a long time. I listened to some of it and realized why they haven't been played. I will now try to sell of about 100 albums or so to make room for more interesteing stuff. I also sell albums that I have more than one copy of so not everything is "bad" music. While checking out old titles I also tried to find out what some of the bands are doing today and found out how freaking bored I am of metal these days. There are no substance to much metal music anymore, I am not
nearly as much a pessimist that I was some years ago but can't help feeling this. Sorry for my whining...

I did an interview for a spanish(?) fanzine "
ones negativas" (myspace.com/reaccionesnegativas) that I found really interesting, hope you do as well If you get hold of a copy.

The album I want to write about today is the amazing pop album Everything that happens will happen today (2008, Todomundo Ltd./Opal Ltd., TODO 002) and it's made by two DINOSAURS by the name of Brian Eno and David Byrne. This is so well-made music that I can enjoy the album almost only for that reason. The sounds, the production, the lyrics and the professionalism is astonishing. Brian Eno have always been interseting no matter what he did so I try to check out his releases from time to time and when I heard he had made a new album with David Byrne I thought "this must be REALLY good", it was! David Byrne is more of a changing star in my eyes, I really like his old time
s with Talking Heads but after a couple of albums into their career they lost something, didn't they? He made a really cool album (soundtrack to a ballet or something) with Adrian Belew called the Catherine wheel (1981, Sire Records) and then he has appeared here and there without being as interesting as Eno but look who was fooled now! My apologies mr Byrne and I promise to check out your discography with more attention next week.

I won't say more about the album because it isn't that hard to understand, like or dislike depending on your taste. One thing I don't understand though is the artwork for the album. The only thing I can think of is the horrible story of Josef Fritzl and the house he made for his family. Is this really a referrence to this or I am only think to lively? There are no clues in the lyrics as I understand, they're mostly about sentimental feelings in general, though a bit to angstridden about family in a way. I do
n't get it and this enigmatic aura makes the album even better!

(What is the "everything" that happens that will happen today???)