tisdag 7 december 2010

Jane are soaked in...

German band Jane are truly soaked in all sorts of drugs and if it wouldn't be very cynic of me to think so I wish drug addicts should be given drugs to produce music. I don't know if it is the drugs actually but Jane's music does really feel druggy in every sense of the word. The laid back feeling of the drums, the humming vocals and the far out org
an, mellotrons and electric effects. I refer here to the album "Here we are" (1972, Brain metronome, 1032). The pictures of the band in the gatefold reflects the feeling of the album perfectly as well and I can't tell how much I feel sorry for these guys when they woke up the day after. A perfect chill out rock/kraut/psychedelic trip for your slow evenings. There are many sounds and arrangements that reminds me of Pink Floyd but I can't help feeling Jane are better not being so pretentious, more relaxed (if that's what your after at a specific time putting a record on the turntable). I don't have to tell that I do like Pink Floyd as well I guess... Jane do have something personal as well and that is the always surprising rythm cahnges. They can start of a song at some tempo and then suddenly go to something totally different in a vercy Janeish way. Also listen to the brilliant sound of the toms in the drum production. PERFECT!!! and of course with albums I mostly like everything is a little bit out of tune all the time, BRILLIANT!!!

(even the wax of the record smells weed)

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