lördag 13 mars 2010

I've got a thing for Spooky Tooth

Damn you Judas, damn you to hell and back for making so many people belive that the song "Better by you, better than me" was a piece of heavy metal junk from Judas Priset. I don't say that Judas are a totally bad band (I OWN a copy of the 1977 "sin after sin" album and I like it, really!) BUT why did they have to make a cover of a song that simply COULD NOT be "better by them" than (better by) Spooky Tooth???haha...

I know I know damn me as well and send me to hell but I DON'T like Judas Priset very much and I don't like Metallica and I DON'T like Iron Maiden. I've heard it through my both ears several times and I've almost be thrown of a tourbuss saying this thing a bit too loud at one time thanks to the punks in Benediction, haha.

Todays blog was meant to be about Spooky Tooth because they are really a great band. Some of their stuff are not very good though but when they are good they really crush. I am really keen on good vocalists and if Mike Harrison isn't one then I don't know where to turn for one. Some of his works on Spooky Two (1969,
Island records, ILPS - 9098) is unbeliveable, he's got that honesty about him that is hardly to be heard nowadays. I don't really understand him at all time though. What's with that falsetto vocals that comes at times, it's horrible to my ears. IF it is not that Wright who sings them parts, then Harrison must be God! The desperate sound of the chorus of Better by you, better than me is bloody amazing.

If one would like to hear what Harrison is really about than one should hear the far more obscure album Ceremony (1969, Island Records, ILPS 9107) [or my french foldout "much nicer hehe" Philips-pressing (1969,
Philips, 849512BY)] that they did with Pierre Henry. This album does really strange things to you, it is like its an "ordinary" Spooky Tooth album but with a really disturbed french composer adding electronic experiments over the whole thing.... Some things are good but some things are just destroying the otherwise good songs. The songs are as said good but they are very strange as well, I guess affected by the french guy trying his best to make everything hard to be heard. You have to hear this to understand my point. There is actually a chance to do this legally on Spotify!!!!!

Back to Harrison and his amazing vocals. Go for the song Have Mercy on Ceremony and understand the beauty and desperation in his voice. Enough said listen, damn it!!!

(Is this Pierre Henry hammering nails into the brain of Gary Wright who left the band after this wild album??? "Lord, have mercy!!!")

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