torsdag 25 februari 2010

God you're a part of me!

With this
nowadays almost controversial title statement I would like to say that the god who possessed Steel Mill to do their only album "Green Eyed God" (1971 Penny Farthing, Bellfon BLPS 19105) is certainly something I would like to be a part of. This album is without doubt one (if not THE) of the best album of all times and I have finally found this gem on black wax. Not the ugly UK version that came about some year later but instead the German actual original. I now that we, meaning music fanatics, say that albums are "the best in the world ever" about almost every album we come arcoss but this time it's for real (I bet you've heard that one as well haha). I think this album has the thing I've been searching for in music since the day I started listen to Queen and Ralph Lundsten at the age of 5 or something. It has an aura of occult magic, heavy guitars and insanly welldone vocalparts and lyrics. This smells and stinks of Lovecraft, occultism, advanced arrangements, guitar and bass out of tune, a sound that matches the essence of the band. There is a feeling of the unknown while listening even though some songs have a strong Beatlesque-feeling about them but that is where most bands went wrong later on in my opinion. Bands, especially nowadays, don't seem to realise the importance of DYNAMICS!!! both concerning the music, lyrics and just about everything that has something to do with the production of an album of music. Phew... I am really praising this album don't I? I do it because it is worth it in any way. ENOUGH already.

Another thing about this blog is that I have made a connection with to show my 10 latest added albums to my collection. And as you can see the Steel Mill lp is added today haha...

Go find this on the rereleased CD if you don't want to spend lots of money on a vinyl copy.

(Ahh ahh.... Ugh!)

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