måndag 15 februari 2010

All music have good taste

Allmusic.com really have good taste and to show that they did put "Dreamboat Annie"(
1976 Capitol Record) by Heart as the album of the day! Don't know if it has to do with valentines day and all that, most likely, but still its a very good album. Can't say that I find them unique but there is something about their sound and way of doing songs that i really like. Ann Wilson has THE voice for this band and I think that's why Heart sounds this good without being very unique in their style. My favorite song by Heart though is not from this album so with no shame I have to mention even the second album "Little Queen" (1977, Portrait) and the song Little Queen, here everything is perfect! The drumming, the rythm, the vocals and the guitar arpeggio part in the middle of the song is just bloody brilliant. Give yourselves or somebody you love a valentine present and buy these albums!

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