onsdag 27 januari 2010

That's what Belew believes in!

There is ohh so much to say about Adrian Belew as a guitar player, vocalist, songwriter and I guess as a person as well. Like many others, I presume, I found out about Belew through his work with King Crimson and I instantly took a liking to his way of using his guitar and also how close his voice is to that sound and way of playing. Of course I had to check out what he'd done before and after masterworks as Discipline and Three of a perfect pair. Few people have had the opportunity and skills to play with Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking heads/David Byrne and Brian Eno in only one lifetime and I guess that must have had an effect on Belew's soloalbums. Just like the post I wrote about Tom Verlaine yesterday I will not recommend the debut soloalbum or the "biggest" band he played with but instead a later album.

This time I want to say a few words about the 1992 album "Inner Revolution". It's a very easy album to listen to (compared to the 1986 effort Desire caught by the tail which is really mindblowing!)
but there is so much to it that only closer listning will reveal. The choice of sounds, both concerning guitars and drums, and the sometimes very deep and sometime VERY shallow lyrics. A very diverse man with thousands of ideas and I guess that is equally likeable in my ears than releasing an album of say 10 amazing but all the same compositions. Don't excpect this to be King Crimson or anything else he has done (excpet maybe for some of the stuff he did with The Bears) just listen with an open mind and try to find what I did: a unique composer with constantly new ideas and experiments. Ok, I admit, an artist and an album needs to have some really enjoyable and altoghether good songs as well and in this case I have to chose the second track "This is what I belive in".

(Your love is precious,
give it to somebody who deserves it)

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