torsdag 14 januari 2010

Post 1 (Introduction)

Welcome to O.w.l. (Old winds live). A blog created out of pure music addiction.

Purpose and content:
This will be about and contain recommendations of bands, musicians, songs and albums I like.
I will probably also go on about other aspects of music (like the music industry, record collecting and the hunger to find that good old album so obscure noone has ever heard it!) but that comes with the addiction I guess?

The name:

O.w.l. = Old winds live. Something made up in the shower while thinking but not without making sense. Old because most things I like are old (at least not from this decade). I thought about "Other" at first and that could have made sense but old sounds better to my ears. Other winds than the mainstream commercial wind of musical horror blows even today but I prefer to see their connection to the word old rather than the ugly sound of the word new. As you've probably gathered by now everything here will be my subjective point of view but feel free to argue as you like. I should also say that I am from Sweden and that's why my english will suffer lots of errors throughout this blog. The name of the blog should be obvious after a while if you'll continue to read it.

As many people with a huge music interest I also make music myself. My most known activity is probably my work with the band Bergraven ( A constantly evolving
metal band. Outside of this I write music that will someday end up on a "solo-album" with everything from quiet ballads to pretentious overdone guitar masturbation I hope. For news on my musical activities keep an eye open on myspace 'cause this blog will only be about others music!

I know that having this kind of blog is nothing new and the reason for you to read this one will only be up to you. If you're too lazy to search for unheard music and happens to like things I like feel free to stop by and imbibe. I will not make any music available through this blog as some do but if I can I will always say where to find it. I started this idea on my myspace blog for Bergraven but I felt that my music addiction doesn't have that much to do with the band to stay there so this will be the solution. My first post there was just about how to get hold of old/rare music and the happiness/sadness I felt using Spotify the first time. I will add this myspace blog post here to just so that you know my point about it.

Ok, enough with all this introduction stuff and down to business!


The look on my face when I really like what I hear
(In this case the singing of birds)

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  1. Groovy! I love your Bergraven work, so it'll be fun to see what else you get up to/listen to.