fredag 15 januari 2010

Eerie Trolls from the 60s

Something really great today! I want to share my thoughts about the band The Troll and their bloody brilliant song "Spirit of the deep" (or "Werewolf and withcbreath" depending on what pressing you find) from their 1968 album "Animated music". This song has everything you want; cool riffs, fantastic drumming, good singer and eerie lyrics. Expect something between Beatles, Death SS and perhaps a touch of Rozz Williams vocals to that. The album cover is a bit different/strange but it kind of suits the whole album and the diverse feelings you get while listening. I can't tell where to find this old piece of music but I can tell you how to not confuse it with all the other bands and called Troll. Since I don't think someone would ever be upset or try to sue you for downloading this album illegally. The song would certainly be worth a trial to hear! The band would probably be very happy if the word gets around and people regognize them again.

Cirith Ungol made a cool track called The Troll on their last and underrated album Paradise Lost but that doesn't count since it is the name of the track.

The Norwegian black metal act Troll has made some cool stuff at the beginning of their career but I don't understand what they are trying to achieve nowadays.

The other Norwegian black metal act Troll has only released a demo that I really didn't understand if they were serious or not?

There is of course even the Swedish pop-band Troll from 1989 with their horrible hit Jimmy Dean.

If you know more bands with the ridiculous name Troll please tell me!


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